Design Consultation & Rates

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Who: Residential (Homeowners) and Small Commercial Clients

What: Consulting on Decorating and Interior Design Projects. Remodeling (we love redesigning a layout), organization, paint colors, picking out finishes, shopping for furniture, adding new decor, rearranging furniture, etc.

Where: Greater Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR

How: A design consultation takes up to 2 hours usually.

How Much: We charge $100 hourly.

Why: We love design in any form and we love people! Our intention is to help you create whatever it is you’re after in your space. Guiding you in the direction that benefits you and the architecture of your home or office.

•If you want comfort we add or subtract hard and soft finishes.

•If you want to shake things up and inject some life to your home we bring in prints, patterns, and colors where needed.

•To lighten and brighten your space and to open it up, we may suggest moving or removing walls, give options for lighter paint colors and finishes, and remove or replace items of furniture and decor.

•Ditto for finding better flow. If something feels off in your space the feng shui or flow of energy is probably not right. If this is a new concept for you think of it as mood. If the mood in your area is not what you would like it to be, surprisingly at times its only a small shift that is needed and the feeling of the space is better.

Bonus: We can connect you to local contractors we know who do beautiful work.