What is Feng-Shui?

July 12, 2019

Rebloom Design in Ridgefield Washington

I’m almost sure you’ve heard of it, and am positive you are affected by it, as we all are. Feng-Shui is the science of energy and from Chinese it literally translates to “wind-water” in English. Good feng-shui is thought to bring good fortune and bad feng-shui misfortune. Feng Shui is the flow of energy or life that swirls around and through us all. Many architects and designers instinctively design with flow in mind for better feng-shui.

To simplify feng-shui and its many meanings is to speak about it in moods and feelings. Say you arrive home happy and upon walking in feel your good mood leave you. There could be many reasons (messy house, responsibilities, hungry, cranky family members, etc.) but let’s just say that in some cases the flow in your home is off and it’s affecting you every single day, maybe without realizing it.

In some cases your mood may be from the negative feelings your neighbors affect in you, the large hill that casts shadows on your home, or the position of your front door, all of which you can’t do much about except for selling your home and moving on. Often though, small things affect the energy and feeling in your space. Clutter, cleanliness, and organization for starters. Projects undone. Items in areas they shouldn’t be.. exercise equipment, bills, and electronics in the bedroom for example are not conducive to good energy flow.

A good place to start to improve your home’s energy is to complete the following exercise, it takes 10 minutes or less.

  1. Find a comfortable quiet spot.
  2. Have a journal and pen handy for taking notes after if you’d like.
  3. Close your eyes and envision pulling up to your home. How do you feel? Just take note of feelings and thoughts that come up. Do you typically walk in through the garage or front door? Do that in your mind.
  4. What do you see? Walk slowly room to room through your home and you may have some interesting thoughts or realizations come to you.

By becoming more aware of yourself and your surroundings you will naturally start shifting things that block energy flow.