Outdoor Living with Rebloom Design

October 29, 2020

Throwback Thursday: Outdoor living.

This photo is a postcard advertisement of ours from 2012 (before we used the internet to share and advertise). My sisters helped me carry furniture to the beach and be photographed, making for a fun photo shoot. The wind picked up, carried the sheer curtain through the air, adding atmosphere and a softness that matched the waves on shore.

The trend of outdoor-indoor living was just beginning and we wanted to show that. Now as 2020 comes to a close we can buy sofas made for the outdoors with hardy outdoor fabric, have walls that open wide between the home and exterior, and have complete outdoor kitchens and living rooms. We fill our homes with plants and natural finishes, furthering the indoor-outdoor theme and enjoy this all because really, it just allows us to breathe.