How to add arches into your architecture

November 9, 2020

How to incorporate archways into your space? With Spanish roots, curved windows and doorways add a lift to your room, maybe a hint of intrigue also. Do you want to use your resources and add arches to your home? But with this feature becoming so popular you may fear its a fad, and you’ll be left with curved doorways when it blows over, wondering why you let yourself be drawn in.

My two cents of (common sense) advice is to use moderation. If you live in or are building a Spanish Colonial Revival style home, don’t hold back, every doorway may be arched. If you don’t however, you can safely add curvature here and there to achieve that romantic architectural experience you may be after. Check out the Kitchen 10 reveal by Three Birds Renovation for a darling way to add some curves to your walls.

Photo Credit: Maria Orlova Unsplash