Benny’s of a Room Rearrange to Spark You

September 15, 2020

Do you like to feel happy? Duh. Dumb question right? Well, the following may not bring total happiness but at least can help a girl out when she’s down in the mouth.

  1. Stand in the room you aren’t feeling happy with. Hands on hips. Now hands on head. Just kidding. Assess it. What don’t you like about it? A. The size, wall, window or door placement? Read our blog about Good Bones. B. If it’s your furniture than I promise this is easy.
  2. Remove everything from the room. Purchase furniture sliders to help with this. They will save your back and floors!
  3. Clean! Vacuum, sweep, dust, and wash..all surfaces.
  4. Now piece by piece bring your furniture back in trying it out in a different location. After each piece stop and assess. This may sound silly but even this kind of change can be uncomfortable. Ask yourself if the feelings you have are simply because its a new change or because you dislike a particular piece of furniture. Be aware of any thoughts that come up. If you are the lucky recipient of all of grandmas furniture and too sentimental/ burdened to let them go please check out Marie Kondo’s book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up for thoughts on that to help.
  5. An answer hopefully emerged from the rearrange before you. Do you like the sofa on the other side of the room? Maybe you’ve had it there before but this time you have a new chair on the other side of the fireplace to balance things out and it works better. Do you have any decor items you haven’t brought in? Don’t bring any further items in unless you love them!
  6. What is it you like? Now that you’ve seen your furniture and decor from a fresh perspective you get to decide if you will purge or splurge. Check out Pinterest, Houzz and Instagram for inspirational pics. Something catch your eye? Is it a color, a style, or? See if you can pinpoint and recreate that in your room rearrange.
  7. Save your pennies, go shopping! Hit up local resale and vintage shops, etsy and ebay online for affordable options. Select artwork and decor items you love from galleries in town and online. Look for the practical things you need and the unusual that speak to you, take your time with this, do it right. A few relatively inexpensive items that can change the feeling in your room and update the look is replacing lamps, decor pillows and adding a fresh plant. For a medium priced splurge a new rug and window coverings will do the trick. Top of line is new furniture, even if its only a new upholstered chair.
  8. Bring it all together. Think in layers; floor and walls, rug down, curtains hung, artwork hung, check. Seating arrangement to your liking, check. Decor items spread throughout the space for interest, check. As a bonus, walk outside and clip something growing, put in a vase on a table. A small dish of sweets and a magazine on the table will invite you into your new space as well. Sit and stay awhile.